Currently under development by the SHJ R&D Division, EMANATE when fully operational will provide predictive monitoring for the 21st Century: EMANATE’s system will capture the data you need to make fast, reliable decisions to maintain optimal plant operation, more efficiently and at lower cost.


Intelligent Maintenance Information Management System (MIMS)

Provides back-up information on site

Applies AI to raw data to identify faults and detect emerging trends

Measures data across the whole plant

Connects directly to EMPOWER and EVOLUTION

Brings together sensor technology, AI and advanced telemetry

‘Learns’ to optimises compressor use to match plant condition

Five year warranty supported by British Standards Quality Assurance


  • Collates multiple sources of data
  • Helps make capital investment decisions easier
  • Provides logical information for decision making
  • Reduces costs through improved operation
  • Ease of use
  • Reduces risk and downtime
  • Prolongs life of plant
  • Peace of mind

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