Medical Gas Plant Hire

Whether you need to hire plant temporarily, on a semi-permanent basis or in an emergency, we can help.In an emergency we can normally deliver, connect and get the replacement plant into service within hours of receiving your call.While in use, we take care of the maintenance of the plant, following good industry practice and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We provide a comprehensive support sevice and can respond quickly and effectively to any change in FM operational circumstance.

Our stock

We hold an extensive range of plant associated with medical gas pipeline systems. All items will be of comparable or higher standard to that which they replace.Stock varies according to demand, but generally comprises:

  • Medical air compressors, ranging from 5KW to 30KW (10Bar to 13 Bar)
  • Medical vacuum pumps, ranging from 0.75KW to 15KW
  • Medical air dryers
  • AGSS pumps, simplex and duplex
  • Dental compressors
  • Temporary alarm systems
  • AVSU back-feed kits (all gas)


see what our clients say about us

‘SHJ Hospital Pipelines took on a complicated scheme that combined last minute instructions with a tight time scale. SHJ rose to the extreme challenge and accomplished it in their customary professional manner.’
Wycombe Hospital