Competition Law Compliance Policy

SHJ Hospital Pipelines Ltd (‘‘SHJ”) is committed to compliance with all laws and regulations governing its business including laws relating to competition.

SHJ strives to adhere in all of its business practices to the principle of fair and effective commercial competition between businesses.

It does not engage in conduct which is anti-competitive, nor will it enter into agreements with other companies or organisations which could, or do, or intend to restrict prevent or distort competition in any market in which we operate.

Any breach of this policy by any employee is a serious breach of that employees’ contract of employment, which will result in appropriate disciplinary action including, in case of gross misconduct, dismissal of that employee and may amount to criminal misconduct.

Breach of any competition laws or regulations may also lead to criminal prosecutions and monetary fines and/or even imprisonment being enforced against any individual responsible and/or SHJ.

This policy is reviewed annually to ensure that it reflects current legislation and regulation.