Comprehensive, fully automated and easy to use, EMPOWER’s intelligent plant control system provides real-time diagnostics, alerts and fault logging straight to your PC, ensuring your gas supply plant is always safe, reliable and working at maximum efficiency.


Simple touch-screen interface

Can be located anywhere on the hospital LAN

Detects faults as soon as they occur

Nuisance alarm filtering

Expansion capability

Improves energy efficiency

Logs fault data

Intelligent fault assistant

Automatic duty cycling for dryers and compressors

Complies with HTM 02-01


  • Provides immediate control
  • Easy implementation
  • Saves valuable time
  • Protects Investment
  • Helps to reduce plant running costs
  • Can help to reduce carbon foot print
  • Provides accurate historical information
  • Improves diagnosis of plant faults
  • Improves diagnosis of plant faults
  • Keeps air quality better for longer
  • A trusted product

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