EVOLUTION is our 24/7 intelligent monitoring system giving real-time information about your gas supply system, guiding you straight to any fault and reducing response time. Vital information when you most need it.


Simple touch-screen interface

Can be located anywhere on a hospital LAN

Alarms are directed to the right person

Captured historical data can be readily accessed

The Authorised Person (MGPS) is always aware of the alarm

Alarm conditions are reported on a real-time basis

The system is readily upgradable

EVOLUTION provides intelligent information

A five year warranty supported by a BSQ Assured company


  • For easy access
  • Simple installation
  • Saves valuable time
  • Helps detect intermittent faults
  • Helps to manage gases not just react to faults
  • Enables response times to be monitored against an SLA
  • Providing a total picture of plant and alarms
  • Allowing the duty engineer to make an informed judgement
  • Peace of mind

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